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company news about Why do injection molds need to be tested?

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Company News
Why do injection molds need to be tested?
Latest company news about Why do injection molds need to be tested?

Will the injection mold be put into production immediately after processing? The answer is of course no, because there is another very important process - mold trial. Before a new mold is injection molded, or when the machine is replaced with other molds, mold trial is an indispensable part, and the quality of the mold trial results will directly affect the subsequent production of the factory.


Why do tryouts?

Whether the plastic mold is injection molded or not can't be seen with eyes. Generally speaking, when a mold is designed, it will not be used directly as a product, because it will have one or another defect after production. But this kind of defect is unavoidable before manufacturing, and it is likely that it will not be stored and processed during the manufacturing process. Therefore, we need to go through the trial mold, and then analyze, evaluate and optimize the samples produced by the trial mold to meet the high quality requirements. However, the defects of molded products are mostly caused in the plasticizing and injection molding stages, and may also be caused by improper manufacturing of plastic molds. Therefore, in order to avoid product defects caused by mold design, it is necessary to analyze mold design and process parameters during mold manufacturing.


What will be the consequences of a large number of trial molds?

Although the process parameters and mold design of the injection mold can be optimized, it will also increase the production cost of the injection mold. If it is found that the structure of the injection mold is unreasonable after the mold trial, the injection mold must be improved, which will undoubtedly cause the cost of injection molding to exceed the budget. For example, some injection molds are well designed, but the process is not in place. When the best molding process and injection mold are not selected in the test, it is obvious that the mold is well done, but the product after injection is not good. It often happens that the physical properties of the plastic are not fully understood and the shrinkage rate is not accurate. What makes people vomit blood is that many situations are not satisfactory, and even the injection molds have to be scrapped and remade.


How to reduce the number of mold tests?

The number of mold tests for a set of molds depends on the following points:

1. Whether the customer's product structure optimization is perfect.

2. Whether the street evaluation of mold drawings is perfect

3. Whether the processing technology arrangement of mold parts is reasonable.

4. Whether the mold processing process control is appropriate.

5. Whether the scientific mold trial is effective.

6. Whether the improvement plan for the mold trial problem is strict and effective.


Doing the above 6 points well, I believe we can greatly reduce the number of mold tests and reduce the production cost of injection molds.


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